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The Triangle of Deceit: LoanCare LLC, Equity Accelerator, and Freedom Mortgage.

The Triangle of Deceit: LoanCare LLC, Equity Accelerator, and Freedom Mortgage.

My blitzkrieg that is personal starts. We call the Equity Accelerator and unleash my spoken fury on a sweet customer support representative regarding the other line.

“Yes, I am able to assist you to cancel the program. You subscribed to it for the full life of the mortgage.” she claims.

Used to do? We don’t keep in mind the closing agent expressing that this 3rd party to your 3rd party would FOREVER withdraw cash on my behalf. We don’t recall Freedom Mortgage ever ONCE mentioning cancelling or changing the Equity Accelertor account if they relocated far from LoanCare LLC. Why do i’m I ordered chicken like I was fed tofu when.

“Yes, i have to cancel this and I also require my cash back!” The thing is that, the representatives at Freedom said they didn’t see any checks or funds from LoanCare LLC. In reality, if i did son’t put up repayments straight using them, I would personally get in ayers back at my loan. This delivered my veteraness that is military into mode of LOC’s and LOR’s. Can perhaps perhaps maybe perhaps not, will perhaps not neglect to perform my duties.

This telephone call set the phase for Ms. Fact Digger conference customer support Guru of most knowledge. The agent had been able to provide me personally the problem date, checks figures, and dates cashed to/by Freedom Mortgage from Equity Accelerator to my account. Hmm..more then one cookie is lying for me right here. Freedom Mortage does seem all that n’t is generally seems to be…..

Therefore, after 6 hours of calls, stomping and note using, we close my account with Equity Accerlator and acquire a confirmation quantity also.

Next witness, Freedom Mortage.

We call Freedom Mortgage and get in a hot conversation with an agent that is obviously confused in regards to the responsibility of truth in financing.